ImgMark | Protect your pictures with watermarks
Protect your pictures

Instantly watermark all of your images.

With ImgMark you can easily apply a watermark to your images, adding value to your brand everytime you share them, and protecting your images from people who would like to pass them off as their own.

Get started in 3 simple steps

Choose your watermark, customize it's appearance, and upload your images.
It's that easy to watermark all of your photos.

1. Choose your watermark

Choose the image you want to use as your watermark, image must be a JPG, PNG, or WEBP and less than 10 MB.

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Tips for a good watermark

  • Your watermark must be smaller than your images
  • Include your name or brand so viewers know who created it
  • Lower the opacity so that your watemark is visible but not distracting

2. Customize your watermark

Adjust the size, opacity, and position of your watermark to customize how it will appear on your images.

3. Upload your images

Upload the images you want to apply your watermarks to. If you're on the free tier you can only upload one image at a time, if you're a Pro member you can choose up to 100.


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Note:  Once your images are processed the finished files will be downloaded automatically. If the download does not automatically begin, please make sure you're browser doesn't block downloads and try again.